Complimentary Kids Fencing Class

Complimentary… Free? Fencing? In Singapore? YES!

If you have a child that is between the ages of 4 to 12, we invite you to bring him/her down to our fencing club for a no-obligation free fencing trial class.

(Please note that the trial date and time will be confirmed upon receiving your text/mail)

To take advantage of this offer please drop us an email at freekidstrial@fencingmasters.com or whatsapp +65 94511835 using the icon at the bottom right with the following details:

  • Your Name:

  • Age of your Child:

  • Name of Child: 

or you could also just fill up the contact form below. Thank you and see you and your child soon!

I wished I had the chance to try fencing when I was a child. These days the kids have so many opportunities. When I saw that Jayden likes to watch Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean, I decided to send him for fencing classes to see if he liked it. No regrets thereafter! Great sport to develop children's minds.
Adam Ong
I did not think Claire would like fencing... I always thought she would do ballet or gymnastics but she loves fencing! Children can be fickleminded but surprisingly she is stuck to fencing. It is a suprisingly safe sport with all that protective gear and I don't worry as much anymore.
Jenny Adams
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