Complimentary Kids Fencing Class

Complimentary… Free? Fencing? In Singapore? YES!

If you have a child that is between the ages of 7 to 12, we invite you to bring him/her down to our fencing club for a no-obligation free fencing trial class.
(Please note that the trial date and time will be confirmed upon receiving the registration form below)

To take advantage of this offer please fill up the registration form below. Thank you and see you and your child soon!

I wished I had the chance to try fencing when I was a child. These days the kids have so many opportunities! When I saw that Jayden likes to watch Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean, I decided to send him for fencing classes to see if he liked it. No regrets thereafter! Great sport to develop children's minds.
Adam Ong
I did not think Claire would like fencing... I always thought she would do ballet or gymnastics but she loves fencing! Children can be fickle minded but surprisingly, she stuck to fencing. It is a suprisingly safe sport with all that protective gear and I don't worry as much anymore.
Jenny Adams
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