October 15, 2015

Premium (Individual/Private) Lessons

There is no better way to learn fencing than to have a One-on-one session with the coach as your live battle simulator at Fencing Masters! Taken at a time of your choosing (depending on coach availability) for one hour, private (individual) lessons can be considered the fastest way to pickup fencing.

Fencing, for recreation or competition, is an interactive sport that develops physical fitness, quick reactions, speed, agility and excellent hand & body co-ordination. With all these in mind, the coach plays an extremely important part in fencer development including tactics, strategy, psychology and nutrition.

Come, experience “The Art of Swordsmanship” at Fencing Masters. Simply a great way to start fencing and live to tell the tale.

Fencing Master’s comfortable and family friendly fencing salle will suit all your needs regardless of whether you are a competitive fencer who is after medals or the recreational fencer who wants to have fun, exercise and make fantastic friends. If you have always wanted to know more about this fascinating sport, now’s the time!

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You may make an appointment to drop by to see a session in progress by calling Tel: +65 6-841-7671.
Alternatively you may email us to discuss with the coach about a programme to suit your individual needs.

Read testimonials from individuals and their parents about our programmes here.

Contact us for more information!

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